Hazardous Material Removal

We work with certified Asbestos Inspection firms to perform the required NESHAPS Asbestos Inspection of the structure(s), prior to demolition. If they determine there is any asbestos present, we can provide pricing for the removal and lawful disposal of all hazardous materials found.

We work with the regulatory agencies who oversee asbestos and demolition projects to comply with all regulations and safely clear the structure(s) of items that could harm the environment or the safety of people. These entities in our region include EPA, KDHE, KCMO Air Quality, and MODNR.

We work with Environmental Engineers to assess environmental contamination when necessary and devise a plan to remove some or all of the existing contaminants.

We work with the governmental entities in each area where we work, to comply with their local requirements for managing the disconnection of utilities that serve the structures, dust control, noise control, traffic control, fencing and barricading.