About Us

We formed a new LLC based out of Independence MO starting in January of 2019.  While you may be thinking that is a strange opening statement for our company. Or possibly even thinking they are not very experienced? To the contrary, while we may be a newly formed business, we have a combined 55 years of planning and executing demolition projects successfully. A lot of planning is required for the proper execution of a successful demolition project.


Graduated from University of Missouri in ”81” with an Agricultural  Economics degree.  Shortly after he moved to Memphis and became a commodities trader for Mid South Milling Co.   In 1984 when an opportunity arose to form with his brother DECO Companies he moved back to KC.  They operated for 28 years and grew into what was generally recognized as  the largest demolition company in Kansas City and for that fact all surrounding areas.  When the economy slowed, he and his brother liquidated their assets and parted ways. After a few months of leisure and golfing, a new opportunity knocked on his door.  A local abatement contractor wanted to form a demo branch in their company.  So Steve took to task assembling it for them.  This is where his relationship with our other owner Aaron began.  Together they managed many successful jobs. Late in 2018 a decision was made to cast his hat back into the ownership role with Aaron. Thus, forming Dehn Demolition.


Aaron’s love affair for equipment operating started at a young age and has only grown.  A similar start to many in the excavating business, he bought a truck, trailer and skid loader and went to work. When work was slow in the winter, he mounted a snow plow to the truck and got to work again.  He and his father (a mobile home setter by trade) found a niche market in the demolition and recycling of out of service trailer houses.  Recycling the copper wire and aluminum siding then the steel frame became a full-time job.  After playing out the surrounding market he went to work for a local contractor known for demolishing bridges .  If you need to take down concrete bridges  a keen hoe operator is a necessity. Even though Aaron started out on a dirt crew  his opportunity knocked when one day his supervisor asked if he could run a track hoe, he confidently said “sure I can”.  Although he had very little prior experience, he discovered he was a natural Hoe Hand.

When an opportunity to join Local 101 of Operating Engineers arose, he jumped at it.    He went to work as a hoe operator.

His work ethic and eye for safety and efficiency quickly spread through the Hall. When he was given the opportunity to join a demo crew, he would now be able to do what he loved. Demolition!  For many years he worked on perfecting his craft and that is what lead him to Steve in 2013. This is the first operator the hall sent for his newly charged task.

Together they have been planning and executing demo jobs ever since.   When you get two business minded people together you get progress. So, the natural progression is for them to form their own company and that is where our new born company comes in.  As you can see time is relevant in more than one way.  While we may be newly formed, we have a combined 55 years of demolition and recycling experience.